Disk not found in UI

Hello, I’m new to truenas. I was trying to create my first pool with single disk (just to play around with true nas). Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that because that disk is not recognised. The disk is brand new Seagate exos x16 14tb ST14000NM001G. lsblk shows it

But disks does not

Any help is highly appreciable, thank you!

What are those zero-byte disks? How is that Seagate drive connected to your server? What other hardware are you running?

not sure what are these empty drives tbh. Seagate drive connected through sata directly to mobo. gpu, boot drive, that seagate drive and that’s it.

Do you possibly have a 4-slot SD card reader that are empty? I think those would show up as 0B drives.

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yea, the case has it. Let me check if it’s connected to mobo

Yes, the card reader was a problem. Disconnected it and disk is found! Thank you

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Possible bug report?