Disk protection error and disk format (DIF)

I’ve been following the instruction in the older post here: Troubleshooting disk format warnings in TrueNAS SCALE | TrueNAS Community

Curious if this is a disk that I can safely format to 4096 blocks. Other Hitachi disks I have show output for Physical block size: 4096

I’ve successfully formated this Toshiba at 512 blocks. Giving a second pass now to see if I can format to 4096. Is there any reason this is not a good idea?

Appreciate any guidance.

I’m not sure you succeeded. Your SMART excerpt shows it’s 512+8 bytes.
You have to pass specific flags along with the command when formatting to get it to remove the protection and it’s associated padding.

Sorry but I did not make it very clear that the above screenshots were pre-format.

Image below shows the results when formatted with -s 512. -s 4096 resulted in an odd block size so I dropped back to 512 and am running with that for now.

That looks a lot better. Thanks for clarifying.

Looking at your core question, according to Toshiba’s site the drive is a 512n drive (as opposed to 512e).

I’m not sure what the consequence of trying to reformat the drive to 4K would be. When people write about changing the size, they typically have 512e drives.

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