Disk shows as DIF in Dell system but dosn't in Supermicro system

I have some Dell 8tb SAS drives. When they’re in a r740xd (with HBA330) TrueNASscale complains they’re in DIF.
However when those same disks are in a Supermicro (with Megaraid 9380-4i4e in jbod mode) TrueNASscale doesn’t seem to see them as DIF.

Is the MegaRaid messing with the format the OS sees, or is there something else going on?

Update: I picked up a 9300 HBA and the disks are now correctly showing as DIF.
So yes, the MegaRaid is messing with the format the OS sees, even in JBOD mode. I’m not sure if this would actually effect data integrity, but I won’t be risking it.

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