Disk.sync_all repeats endlessly

disk.sync_all is repeated endlessly.

If I remove all the disks from the HP shelf, this doesn’t happen, and when I put some back in, it sometimes happens and sometimes it doesn’t, and even when I put back certain disks, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m having trouble because I don’t know the cause.
Please let me know what you know about the cause of this behavior or any ideas for investigation.
Thanks in advance.

I’m running SCALE 24.04-RC.1 and this was no different in 23.10.2.

I only understand Japanese, so I leave English to the great Google teacher. Sorry if the sentence is weird.

Hard configuration
Dell PowerEdge R730dx
Memory 256GB
PERC H730P Mini and LSI 9300-16i
some shelves and disks

Since you are getting same behaviour with Dragonfish, I’d suggest reporting a bug.

Does the system provide basic functions or is it blocked by the disksync?

Please report the NAS ticket when you have it.

thank you for your reply.
When this situation occurs, operations with writes will not be able to receive responses.
We plan to investigate all suspicions, so we are currently removing everything except the HP shelf.
What is a ticket?
Sorry, I don’t understand how it works.

See “report-a-bug” in the top menu.

Apparently there was a problem with one of the HP shelves, but I removed it from the configuration and it worked fine.