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I am totally new to NAS setups. I just inserted a couple of 2 TB SATA disks into bays on a Supermicro SuperServer 6018U-TRT4+. They are not showing under Storage → Disks.

What am I doing wrong?

Could be many things… How is the server actually configured? Are the drive bays connected? If so, to what?

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I know that at least one of the drive bays is connected, because I had a different drive in one of them that showed up. However, I could not do anything with it, because it was a single drive, a fact that I did not understand. I then found a couple of identical other drives I had not used in a while and put them in. Neither showed up, not even the one that replaced the one that had shown up before.

It must have been a matter of the drives being not fully inserted into the bays. They are now, and I am making progress toward being able to use this NAS as a Time Machine backup destination.

Huh, Supermicro’s 3.5" bays are pretty clear about when they’re correctly inserted, so that’s a little surprising.

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