Do i need to keep all releases?

If i look in 2 folders in TrueNAS, “iocage/downloads” and “releases” in my pools, i see a bunch of versions that are deprecated. Am i to keep these or can i just delete them?

If you created Clonejails? You need to keep them. If you created Basejails, you can delete any old releases, as long as all your jails have been upgraded to the latest release.

FreeBSD 13.2 is the latest supported release for TrueNAS Core 13.0-U6.1. Do not upgrade any jails to FreeBSD 13.3[1], until after you upgrade TrueNAS Core to 13.3 (which has not yet been released.)

  1. WARNING - don't upgrade your TrueNAS CORE jails to FreeBSD 13.3 just yet | TrueNAS Community ↩︎

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I read that in the old forum but before that, i had already created a 13.3 jail for a manual Plex install. It works fine though. I did leave the Nextcloud jail on 13.2 untouched though.