Document Management System (DMS)


I am looking for a Document Management System (DMS) to host it on my own server.
Is someone here who could recommend a system which supports the following features (or most of them)?

  • Open-source or at least free to use for private use
  • Running on Linux
  • Full-text search
  • Allowing Tags for documents
  • User-Management (at least 4-5 users)
  • Possibility to make documents private or shared/accessible between users
  • Web GUI
  • Maybe an Android app to access (and scan/upload) the documents.
  • Date of Expiry (to mark documents with a date when they are no longer needed)
  • Scanning documents (it would be nice if the system could scan documents from the Web GUI via a scanner connected via SANE over Ethernet)
  • OCR

Thanks a lot,


Paperless-ngx should tick most boxes.