Does this bug exist in SCALE? Do I bother reporting it, .......again?

Since I expect CORE bugs to not be actioned, does this bug, exist in SCALE?
I reported it a long long time ago, it was never fixed.

Zoomed in at a particular duration - max temp = 44.85

Fully zoomed out, encompassing a huge amount of historical data.
“Max” temp is now only 40.

I know for a fact, I’ve hit 55+

The MAX and MIN calculations should be outright encompassing all data, period - or the charts are designed poorly.

Can anyone else please confirm?

Maybe someone can chime in with a more definitive answer, but my understanding is that this is due to an upstream limitation in the way collectd and rrdtool calculate the min and max values. They are not actually an absolute min/max over different time scales.

That said, I don’t think this should be the case in SCALE as it no longer uses collectd for reporting.


This does still occur in SCALE (as of 24.04.0).

My understanding here is that a wider timeframe used a lower number of samples to represent the data so as not to cause UI performance issues when loading the graph, so I never considered it a bug. This is based purely on assumption though.


Problem here is say you’re investigating something you can’t see that the disks hit 65c without zooming in and slowly panning through.

I’d have imagined there’s a single field which gets populated as a new max, when the old max is broken.