Download speeds are not great

If have tested this with multiple different ISPs in Europe, but download speeds is pretty bad for all of them. Around 160MBits.

There also no mirrors to select from.
I know this could seem a little bit nitpicky, but I am pretty used to download at 8 GBits on linux mirrors and steam. Sub 1 GBits seems way to slow for 2024 in my opinion.

That’s really not a bad result. Some ISPs in Europe, for bizarre reasons, end up with sub-1 Mb/s speeds.

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Bad infrastructure.

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I think that qualifies as bizarre.

It’s kind of normal if you don’t invest enough.

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lol. Or you’re the German Post Minister who also happened to be the telecoms czar and for some strange reason the telecommunication in East Germany were not rebuilt with fiber but rather with copper after the wall fell in 1989.

That his family owned a wire manufacturing company specializing in copper based telecommunications wiring surely had nothing to do with it at all. /s

According to other users, these „bad“ speeds are mostly worldwide, because the partner STORJ seems to be the only backbone.

Again, this might seems nitpicky, but for me, sub 1GBit speeds are embarrassing in 2024. I simple see no need for this, when services like Cloudflare exist.

At least for DE-CIX, one gigabit should be a none brainer.

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I totally agree that Gigabit should be the base line in 2024, yet…

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Cries in 50 Mbit…

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No different here. Comcast may advertise gigabit coax but makes no guarantees, so the claims are meaningless. Come to my neighborhood on a cold rainy night and streaming services have to revert to SD in order to deal with demand.

Comcast doesn’t care because they have no realistic competition. While surrounding towns have fiber, our town doesn’t. How the monopoly is maintained is anyone’s guess but it’s pretty striking.

To be clear, are we referring to the speed of downloading a TrueNAS iso to install?

Yes :white_check_mark:

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Unfortunately I’m talking about the speed provided by my ISP :face_with_peeking_eye:

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It really is.