Dragonfish Apps Stopped Updating

Since I moved to Dragonfish, none of my apps have come up to be updated. I checked and there is a new Plex 2.0.7 on TrueNas, Tautilli version on Truecharts, etc.

They are not showing up to be updated on my Apps. Any ideas where to look to see what the issue is or if there is a configuration I need to update?

Truenas apps update as normal I just updated Jellyseer (try refreshing the catalog before update). FWIW: new update of the original application doesn’t mean that the volunteer unpaid maintainer of the community Truenas app of it had time to update.

Truecharts got their panties in a twist over the much welcome ditching of helm charts in favour of docker compose in next TN release (a move celebrated by myself and others) and archived their whole github is my understanding of the situation.

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Thanks Sammael, I didn’t see that K3s were going away in Electric Eel. Not sure how I missed that post about.

Time to convert all my TrueCharts apps to TrueNas versions if they are available since TrueCharts looks like they aren’t going to go forward with the Docker Compose method versions of their offerings.

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