Dragonfish won't boot after update

I upgraded to and now the system doesn’t boot. I also tried to select 24.04.1 as the boot option and that version also no longer boots.

During boot I received the following error message:
Command: /sbin/zpool import -N -f ‘freenas-boot’
Message: cannot import ‘freenas-boot’ one or more devices is read only
Error: 1

Failed to import pool ‘freenas-boot’.
Manually import the pool and exit.

Then I’m dropped to an initramfs prompt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Boot device is failing for some reason.

Please specify hardware setup.
Is it too full or worn out?

The motherboard is an ASRock C2550D4I Mini ITX, hard drives are Western digital Red drives (spinning disk), boot media is a 32GB Sandisk ultra usb 3.0 drive.

I’ve been running the system since 2016 with this hardware. It was orginially running TrueNAS Core and was then switched over to TrueNAS Scale. It was running on TrueNAS Scale for a while with not problems until this recent update.

I don’t know if the boot disk is too full and I’m not sure how to check the free space on the boot disk when I’m getting dropped to an initramfs prompt. If there’s a way of checking it on a Linux machine I’d be willing to try that. I haven’t found instructions to do that.

I know the main data pools were not even close to full.

You may wish to boot the installer ISO again and try a zpool import. If its saying read-only mode we need to find out why, any corruption etc. Worst case you can re-load, but it would be helpful to see what kind of errors it is really throwing via a manual import. Boot-loaders in general aren’t very good debug environments for this sort of thing :slight_smile:

I booted off the installer ISO and ran zpool import -f freenas-boot and it provides the following error: cannot import ‘freenas-boot’: one or more devices is read only. Any suggestions on things to try to dive deeper into the issue.

Boot devices will often fail when upgrading, if they are going to fail, as that is when 2GB+ is suddenly written to them.

Not saying that’s the issue, but the majority of times I’ve seen a boot device fail it’s been as part of an update.

Mirrors helps.

(Of course, that was when using usb thumb drives)

I ended up getting an SSD drive and reinstalled TrueNAS on it and loaded up my saved off config and everything is up and running again. I’m guessing my USB boot media of many years just couldn’t take it anymore and I should have switched to an SSD awhile ago. Thanks all for the support.