Dragonfish completely broke PCIE passthrough for Tesla cards

Had fully working Tesla T4 passthrough. Had a minor panic after installing a remote desktop firewall and had to update to Dragonfish.
Now all tesla cards, including P4, T4, P40, etc are reporting code 43.

Is there any way to downgrade back to Cobia?

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Downgraded to Cobia, and it works perfectly.
Had multiple boot versions, thank god.

Dragonfish updated the nvidia driver to 545.23.08-2. Have you checked if those cards are still supported by the newer nvidia driver?

Unfortunately, yes. Tesla T4 is a Turing card, the latest driver version is 551.78 on Windows.
Going down to Cobia indeed removed code 43. It seems that it is due to the changes in PCIE passthrough, as there’s quite a complex process in getting these working in Proxmox.
I followed the guide closely and discovered most of the changes needed were already made in Cobia, which may be why it’s not working in Dragonfish.