Dragonfish - random crashes after 1-2 days

My server has been running stably for 10+ years, going through versions of Freenas, Truenas CORE and Truenas Scale.

Last week I upgraded from Cobia (23.10.2) to Dragonfish (24.04.0). Since then I’ve had 3 occasions where the server froze completely (had to do a virtual reset button in IPMI), it did not respond to network or keyboard.

The server is running on an old Asrock E3C226D2I motherboard with 16GB RAM. It is running various docker applications (Mariadb, Influxdb, Nextcloud, Grafana, Plex etc).

I’ve now reverted back to Cobia, and the system seems to be stable again.

Looking in the system logs, I could not see anything obvious. Attaching a screenshot of the console after the crash.