Dudas sobre los nas / Consultations about the nas

Hola muy buenas:

Quiero hacer un truenas core y me gustaría saber que en caso de que se rompa o se corrompa el nas me gustaría saber si en caso de que eso pase si yo saco los discos hdd y los meto en otro servidor o en un ordenador me funcionarían y tendrian todos mis datos ?

Hello, very good morning:

I want to make a core thunder and I would like to know that in case it breaks or corrupts the nas I would like to know if in case that happens if I take out the hdd discs and put them on another server or on a computer they would work for me and would they have all my data?

Yes, you can move your TrueNAS installation to other hardware and access your data. You could also read the data from your disks under any other OS that supports ZFS, which would be pretty much anything but Windows.

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