Encrypted pool performance on SCALE compared to CORE


I’m on the latest TrueNAS Core 13 with an 8 spinning-disk RAID-Z2 setup with an encrypted dataset - currently getting 535MB/s read performance.

I’ve been wondering about updating to SCALE but I heard that SCALE has bad encryption performance (something to do with encryption being single-threaded inside the kernel) compared to CORE. I think LawrenceSystems said it in one of his youtube videos - although I can’t find it right now.

I also found this thread from April 2023: Encrypted dataset reads: Poor performance + WebUI inaccessible | TrueNAS Community

Does anyone on SCALE use (AES-NI) encrypted pools/dataset who can speak to the performance of recent SCALE releases?


HW: Supermicro X10-SLL with Xeon E3-1220v2 with 32GB ECC DDR3 ram