Enterprise vs consumer ssd pool

Hello, i would like to ask any help as a beginner.

I plan to create a storage pool starting with a mirror 2x2TB ssd and i was wondering if enterprise functions are mandatory or nice to have.

More specifically if a power loss protection and high durability value is needed for truenas pool with zfs, or i can go with let’s say 2x2TB wd red ssd.

I will run truenas as a vm on top of proxmox and i will store media files (photos, videos) and documents such as pdf and word files in this pool. Then i assume that i will access these files occasionally in the future. Is there something that i miss?
Thank you for any valuable information.

Wd red ssds are fine for that kind of pool. They offer a higher TBW than “regular” ssds.

More important is, how you plan to present the drives to truenas.
Virtual disks are a big nogo. The only way is via passthrough of a controller. Mainboard sata or a HBA in IT mode. No port multiplier.


Nice to hear that. Yes i already passed through my motherboard 's second sata controller which can accommodate 4 disks. Thank you!

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