Error In Apps Service after Truenas + Plex App update

Hello everybody,

Need your help about an error that was appeared after an update of Truenas Scale from to 23.10.2 and after an update of the Plex App from 1.7.59 to 1.7.60 (Truenas Catalog).

Now some error on logs when I restart the server and when I restart manually Kubernetes.

Here the extract of the logs when I restart K3S :

I’m not a Kubernetes expert, far from it. I know the docker part. I was able to investigate the linked log myself but I’d like to know from the community what can be done in this case.

  • Error related to ETCD: A recurring error concerning ETCD is reported, indicating a problem with the database: “retrying of unary invoker failed”, “target”: “etcd-endpoints://0xc000a61dc0/kine.sock”, “attempt”:0, “error”: “rpc error: code = Unknown desc = no such table: dbstat”. This error suggests a problem accessing or corrupting the dbstat table in the ETCD database.

  • Container deletion error: Errors are reported when the kubelet attempts to delete containers, with messages indicating that the container is already in the deletion state or that the container has not been found: “DeleteContainer returned error” … “container is already in removing state” and “failed to get container status … not found”. These errors may be linked to synchronisation problems or inconsistent states in the container runtime.

  • Image filesystem problems: An error is reported concerning the image filesystem, indicating an invalid capacity: "Image garbage collection failed once. Stats initialization may not have completed yet" err="invalid capacity 0 on image filesystem". This could indicate a problem with the collection of information about the disk space used by container images.

What can I do in this case ? Can I repair Kubernetes or do I have to reset it ?

Thank you in advance for your help and your advises.