Evidence of deleted dataset still remains

I have TN13.0U3.1 and it has one pool, BackupPool

On another machine (same version) I made and ran three replications (via GUI) to replicate three datastores (each under BackupPool, not recursive). So on the target I have BackupPool/Set1, BackupPool/Set2 and BackupPool/Set3. No problem there.

Then I deleted one of the three replications (for Set3) and deleted the corresponding datastore from the target (all via GUI). Again, no problem.

So when I go to the shell (via GUI), I do an “ls /mnt/BackupPool” and /mnt/BackupPool/Set3 still shows up! It does not appear in the GUI under pools.

I rebooted just in case. Still there.

What gives?


That’s probably the dataset mountpoint (an empty directory).

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That said, there will always be evidence of deleted datasets as long as the pool exists. Dataset-related operations are written into the immutable zpool history log.