Expanding existing truenas core pool or move to unraid?

I have three drives in my NAS currently, they are all the same spec. Two of the drives are in a zfs pool. I would like to expand the pool to incorporate the third drive.

It is my understanding that this is not really possible with TrueNas core ZFS pools. Is this the case? If this is possible how can I perform this operation? The data in question is just my Steam/GOG library. I don’t really need redundancy.

I would prefer to transfer the existing data rather than downloading everything again.

Would it be better to copy the existing data to another larger drive and install something like unraid so that I can add drives freely to a given array in the future?

I’m not sure the NAS is adding much value in your scenario, sounds like local disks would solve the problem more efficiently…

You mean that the existing pool has no redundancy? Doesn’t sound like a fun experience… But at that point you can add the third disk. It increases your chances of losing all the data, which is obviously not great, but unavoidable if you don’t have any redundancy at all.

My main system is a small form factor system. I don’t have the room for the disks internally. I mean that I don’t require redundancy for this use case. I’m going for maximum space while having the pool appear as a single hard drive via iscsi connection to my main system.

I’m pretty sure that the current pool is just using the default settings. Oddly when I look at the pool settings in the web ui I don’t see the raid configuration for the drives currently a part of the pool.

I do see that there are two vdevs in the pool as expected. The system is currently running TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1.

A bit more management, but multiple volumes on multiple pools would at least reduce the impact of a failure to the affected pool.