Failed App Installations: Persistent Status "Deploying" // Unreachable

Dragonfish 24.04-RC.1

I’ve specifically installed a 1TB SSD for applications thinking it would make app installation and usage more responsive – but I consistently have problems with apps not being usable (from both TrueNAS and TrueCharts).

I have tried waiting overnight, stopping/restarting service, unset/reset pool, restarting NAS, double check BIOS time to UTC, set TrueNAS localization to UTC, create new dataset with “APPS” as owner, set custom host storage path to SSD,

After reviewing multiple forum posts and videos, I’m stumped as to why this is not working reliably for me. Apparently a best practice is to use a separate machine entirely, or a VM, to run Docker apps – but I wish it wasn’t so.

Looking over this specific installation for DoubleCommander, I’m now seeing there is no container which means I can’t view any logs… Is there something I’m missing??

I am not sure that there is enough info here to diagnose the problem.

We don’t, for example, have a screen shot of the App settings for doublecommander.

And from the screen shot of the System-wide Kubernetes settings, we can see that doublecommander is not actually running - it is in the deploying state - and we don’t have details of the Kubernetes event history or container logs for this app either.

The first thing you need to do is to get the app into running state and then see if it stays there when you try to use it. If it crashes and drops back to deploying again, then we need the logs to know why it crashed.

At a guess I think this is quite likely to be something in the app settings.