FEATURE REQUEST: Interactive "demo" for the UI

I found this excellent post by a legendary user from the old forums, so I’m going to link to it and paste the contents in here again, with some minor edits. (With his permission, of course. He told me in a DM that it’s okay.)

An online UI interactive “demo”.

Here is an example of this concept: Try it right now!

Hear me out: It would only be the surface UI elements of the TrueNAS GUI.

Nothing “virtual”. Nothing runs in the background. Just a simple “clickable” skeleton web page. (A “guided” interactive tour where the visitor can explore on their own.)

This would allow users, new and longstanding, to explore the web UI with each iteration of TrueNAS SCALE.

No need to hunt the web for screenshots of different menus and pages. No need to install on a VM. (Core users, such as myself, can help with surface-level problems for SCALE users.)

Sure, we have the “Docs”, but they are a hit-or-miss, nor do they offer the “hands on” feel that you get from an interactive demo UI.

This tool can also be used to assist in troubleshooting, as well as finding superficial “bugs” such as tooltip typos or inaccurate wording.

Is this even feasible? Is the web UI portion of the codebase “detachable” in a sense that it can be broken off as an interactive “dummy” website? Wouldn’t it be very lightweight?