Feature Request: Sortable Headings in Scale UI

In CORE, I was able to sort columns in the UI, for example, in the disks view, I could click on the “Pool” column header to sort disks by pool, or by size to sort then by size.

This was a very useful feature in general and seems to be missing from SCALE.

If you would also like this feature to come back, then please go this “Suggestion” and give it a thumbs up…


(Frankly, I think this should be classed as a bug.)


I don’t agree that it’s a bug, but it would definitely be an improvement. Voted.

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I guess it depends if regressions relative to core are classed as bugs :wink:

Vote trade?

Vote for yours, vote for mine? :sunglasses:

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This is a good call out @Stux. I see no reason why this discrepancy should exist between CORE and SCALE.

We will get a this feature scoped for addition to SCALE and get it added to the backlog. No release target currently, but this is relatively low hanging fruit.