FEATURE REQUEST: Store logs on System Dataset

SCALE removed the ability to store logs within the System Dataset. (Core retains this option, if the user so chooses.)

Can the option (even if it’s hidden as “advanced”) be brought back to SCALE?

There’s two main reasons for this:

  1. It’s possible to encrypt the System Dataset (.system) if it’s nested under an encrypted root dataset. Depending on your logs, they can contain identifiable or sensitive information.
  2. For those who install the OS to a USB, moving the System Dataset and logs to a dedicated SSD pool alleviates the biggest hurdle for USB installations.[1] (The bonus is you can create usable datasets on this dedicated SSD pool, leaving the USB for the OS only. Less of a waste.)

I understand the decision in SCALE as the “default”, but to entirely remove the option to change this?

  1. My boot-pool is extremely quiet on Core. It sees almost no I/O whatsoever. The System Dataset, logs, and swap exist on a dedicated SSD-only pool, which also houses other datasets, such as for temporary storage, incoming torrents, and staging data. ↩︎

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Although this is not going to make any difference for me for my own TN SCALE system, I do agree with @winnielinnie on this.

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The full text in release notes was:

  • As part of the system reporting and debug improvements, system logs now exclusively write to the TrueNAS boot device.

For the reasons you mentioned, it was probably preferable to allow choice, but it also created problems.

We can review, but I doubt it will be easy.