File permission issues via NFS after upgrade to Dragonfish

I upgraded my install from Cobia to Dragonfish 24.04.0 which seemingly went without any issues, but once I started my docker containers (on another machine running Debian) that accesses files shared via NFS I ran into issues with permissions.

My containers are each running as individual users and groups, with those users also part of a shared group (that is not the main group for the users).
These users and groups exist with the same UIDs, GIDs and members on both the TrueNAS host, as well as the machine running the containers.

Both file and dataset ownership is set as owned by one of the individual users + the shared group (I am not using ACL), which until now has let all users access the files.
But after the upgrade, only the user set as owner is able to access files, so I rolled back to a previous snapshot and everything was working again.

This permission issue did not seem to apply on the dataset level, as can be seen in this example:

User A: UID 3001, GID 3001
User B: UID 3002, GID 3002
Shared group: GID 3000, Group members: 3001, 3002

Dataset - Owned by 3001:3000
|- Folder 1 - Owned by 3001:3000
|- Folder 2 - Owned by 3002:3000

The NFS share for the dataset has Maproot user and group both set to root, and the general NFS settings are that NFSv3 and NFSv4 are both enabled while nothing else is checked (this is looking at the Cobia settings, since I did a rollback).

User A was able to access the dataset and Folder 1, but not Folder 2
User B was able to access the dataset and Folder 2, but not Folder 1

The shares are mounted for the containers using docker volumes that use driver local, with type nfs (I think this uses NFSv3, but I am not sure). I did not test changing this to access via a path to a mount on the docker-host before rolling back the upgrade, but I prefer using docker-volumes for individual mounts as that prevents starting the container if there is an issue accessing the shares.