Filetransfer performance really bad after migrating from Core to Scale


i migrated my TrueNAS Core to Scale and was happy with it until I uploaded again data to the server via SMB or also via SFTP and after few seconds the connection speed slows down to zero and is stuck there. Also the Web-GUI is not reachable for a time after that. After some time it’s working again.

Please I need help here!

The clue here is that something is slowing the WebUI as well, perhaps an issue with boot device? Do you have any debugs or other logs from the time of the event?

Which logs do you need?

All of them :slight_smile:

A bug ticket with a debug attached would be best. Link is up in the forums header. If you want to sleuth around yourself you’d poke around in /var/log as well.

I hate to sound obnoxious, but how much RAM does this system have? Is it bare metal or virtualized?

Among other things…