Font size is too small

Go to your profile (under your avatar menu) the

Then you can adjust the font size in the preferences section:

If the largest option still is not enough, there is an adjustment you can make on firefox, in the about:config, the value below works well for a 4k monitor but choose what suits your need.
layout.css.devPixelsPerPx 1.50


For the sake of discussion, Discourse will dynamically adjust itself fairly well!

Effectively, this means you can always CTRL+mouse wheel and zoom in, the content dynamically move around to fit its new size. Most web browsers remember this on a per-site basis, so it works pretty well.

Also this is the “TrueNAS General” category, mods should probably move this to “General Discussion”

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changed to largest still too small for me.

so i ctrl+scroll to resize to 150% now it’s fine.

1440p resolution, 180hz refresh rate, ips, adaptive sync monitor

There may be a firefox adjustment to make.

about:config setting,

layout.css.devPixelsPerPx 1.50

I had changed this for my 4k monitor a long time ago but after numerous updates to firefox, and time passing, I forgot about it. Checking to see if the setting exists shows that mine had reverted to a value of -1.

When I changed it to 1.50 then once more all the text on this page increased size.

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