Forum Suggestions

With a new forum, I thought it would be good to start a thread for suggestions specifically for the forum…

So to get the ball rolling…

Like is all you need…

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 3.53.22 pm

:heart: means Love… I don’t necessarily love a lot of posts… but I do like many… oh look… the tooltip says “like this post”

Can we have a different icon please?


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How about codeblocks not default to python… can they not just be monospace listings? generally, on this forum, they’re used for displaying command output, or commands to enter… not snippets of code.

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How about an Off-Topic category?

Despite having a smallish “reputation” on the old forums, apparently I do not have permission to reply to some posts on here.

I think that there needs to be a short registration period during which new users (who are likely to be old users on the old forums) are given slightly higher privileges (i.e. ability to reply) than genuinely new users will be given later (for anti-spam reasons).

Making the Resources category moderator-controlled seems to mean that nobody (other than, presumably, moderators) can reply to resources–there can’t be a discussion thread there. That’s a pretty serious problem–the discussion thread for my Nextcloud script, for example, is over 3000 posts on the old forum. Either permissions in this category need to be changed, or a separate discussion thread needs to be created and linked with the resource post.

This is the case by default with Discourse, but it looks like they disabled it here. Though I think what you’re seeing is limited to the Resources section.

Correct, fixed the resource section just now.

Yep, looking at installing this:

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This is done. New Emoji available for reactions.


The default setting for “Consider topics new when” is “created in the last 2 days”. This means anybody who doesn’t visit every day will have most topics not seem to be new. “I haven’t viewed them yet” is what the old forum used, but even extending to “created in the last week” would be better.

Related to my previous, if I click the “New” or “Unread” at the top of the page to filter topics, I get none displayed.

Yet, all but a few should be both “New” and “Unread”.

I’m thinking there really needs to be a “General discussion” category. That would be the place for topics like this, introductions, etc–they don’t really have anything to do with TrueNAS as such. That might also be the home for this:

I go back and forth on the idea of a full-blown “Off Topic” category. We go out of our way to ask users to keep things on-topic, off-topic can get folks into trouble easy.

But that said, introductions might make sense broken out. “General Discussion” could work, are there other Tags/Topics that would fit in that context vs “TrueNAS General”?

This topic: forum suggestions. Related to it, since the change to Discourse involves changing pretty much everything about how to do things on the forum, forum-related questions or how-tos. might be the best place for some of those things, but they’re going to depend in part on what plugins you’ve installed.

I get the concern with an OT section, but it doesn’t really seem to have been a problem in the existing forum. Discussions there don’t tend to devolve into religion, politics, or other hot-button issues, and often are some good, solid technical discussions adjacent to TrueNAS, but not about it. A couple of examples:

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Some more isolated hardware discussions or “market” topics … maybe.

Fair enough, those are good reasons to have it broken out that way. Created.


If the “Solved” plugin isn’t already installed, it really should be–there’s no reason for a SOLVED tag when this plugin is available.


Also suggest turning off inline footnotes–or at least, do whatever needs to be done to make the preview line up with what will actually post. Here’s what the preview shows:

…and the actual post:


Fantastic Suggestion. As we learned this morning it takes about 15 minutes to install a plugin fresh and reload. We’ll get that queued up for tomorrow.

Done, and you are right, that looks much nicer.

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