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Done, and you are right, that looks much nicer.

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I liked inline foot-notes better - I think it was better to see a pop-up when you clicked the foot-note rather than being transported to the bottom of the thread post

But you aren’t transported to the bottom of the thread; you’re transported to the bottom of the post. And the “return” arrows take you back to where you came from.

I prefer the traditional footnote style, but more than that, I want the preview to reflect what actually happens.

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:man_facepalming: Yes the post, that’s what I meant. I didn’t try clicking that arrow. (my first big day using footnotes, lol)

But I completely agree with the preview regarding what happens.

Would love to see an “Operations and Performance” TrueNAS subcategory as in the previous incarnation. It can also be a tag, no real preference here. Others may want to chime in.

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As I wrote, what about the international section?

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Yep, that is created. Thanks for the reminder.

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Yes. This was a part of the meta-suggestion when I made this thread/topic


Is there any way to disable “animations”? It’s kind of distracting to see animations on users’ avatars, such as the checkmarks and badges.

I couldn’t find any option in my preferences.



The tags here seem, well, kind of odd compared to other Discourse forums I use, especially in that most tags are only allowed in certain categories–so the Introduction tag, for example, is not allowed in the General Discussion category where it’d make most sense. Also, the Forum How-to tag that I was able to put on my topic about footnotes, now isn’t available to put on my topic (in the same category) about formatting codes. Do the tags need to be this restrictive?

Although I’m not very familiar with Discourse, but I think this would make more sense as a tag.

One of the issues with the old forum was the non-judicious creation of categories.

Having some experience with community forums in the past, it’s important to carefully consider category creation. You want it to be obvious where to create a thread, and having multiple options is counter productive.

(And another part of that is judicious category collapsing. )

But a selection of good tags can help.

So, I’d think it should be a TrueNAS Discussion post tagged “Performance/Optimization” etc

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Maybe add a HOWTO tag? Maybe for the Resources section?

Or something equivalent, perhaps “Tutorial”

So, should this thread be moved to General Discussions now?

Enable this plugin so that I can make this my avatar:


Thank you.


I understand your perspective, that’s why I called out tags as an option there, I figured someone would chime in similarly.

GMail made tags in vogue. Outlook has always had folders. I prefer Outlook, and I’ve always preferred the old “VBulliten” style forums. Lots of sub categories so as to really drill into what I am interested in vs more “fuzzy matched” searches with tags. The “metadata” of what category something is in and what time someone posted it is how I browse. Old habits die hard.

It’s all worth it to get markdown. :rofl:

I do think markdown is a win. There are a few things it can’t do (e.g., left/right/center/full justification, or colored text), but for what it can do, it’s quite a bit easier to hand-code than BBCode.

And that means a single syntax for my READMEs, my notes in Joplin, my Wiki, and one more of the forums I visit.

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Ok… Going to be the “stick in the mud”… This isn’t an improvement. Annoying scripts & popups, lack of coherent flow, etc…

Will be less active here, with some kind of learning curve TBD…

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Please, pretty please, I beg you, please, but whatever you do, please don’t enable this plugin so that we all have to endure this sort of visual brain pain.


Yea, I’m going to have to agree. I can imagine having seizures with everybody using crazy animated avatars :slight_smile:


Definitely needed. :point_up: