Frankensteining TrueNAS into an ORICO Metabox TS500?

Hi happy to be part of this community so here’s the thing I want to ask.
We recently purchased an Orico Metabox TS500 5-Bay version and it has been giving us headaches from Day 1 , primarily the very badly written OS and Weline app that just wouldn’t allow us to connect and configure the device properly.
So my question is, has anyone ever tried or is it even possible theoretically to install TrueNAS over the crappy builtin OS ? Any advice or guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated as we really need to get a dedicated NAS up and running. I’ve slapped together a stopgap TrueNAS measure with 2 harddisks but would like a more permanent solution with hot-swappable drives hence the desire to get the ORICO working, albeit with a new OS. Thanks everyone

It seems it uses a ARM CPU and has only 2 GB of RAM. Truenas does not run on ARM ( and also needs 8GB of RAM).

Argh, overlooked that last bit :tired_face: .
Guess only thing I can do now is to beef up the temp NAS