FreeNAS 11 config on Scale

Since apparently TrueNAS CORE just won’t boot on my sistem and nobody knows why I’d like to try Scale.

I have a few questions:

  • Can I restore my FreeNAS 11 config on Scale? I know the path is 11 > 12 > 13 > Scale but 12 and 13 just won’t boot on my system.

  • Will my encrypted pool work on Scale?

Thanks and cheers

I’m not sure on importing the config, a strong ‘maybe’. Worst case you can try it and it will break :slight_smile:

You can just reimport the encrypted pool(s) on TN Scale provided you have the associated decryption key(s).

Worst case you could install SCALE on a USB temporarily, boot it, and find out. I very much doubt you’ll run into any sort of issues attempting to import the pool on SCALE, and as long as you don’t upgrade the pool you can still revert to CORE if you do run into problems.

I’ll probably try the new install. I have plenty of usb sticks lying around :slight_smile:

I’m reding tough that the meaning of “encryption” kinda changed, it went from GELI to some sort of native ZFS encryption and if I’m not mistaken I’m still using GELI.

Would that work on linux? I cannot find a definitive answer on that

I think the answer is no, and you are going to want to undo the GELI encryption

We recommend migrating from one major release version to the next because skipping this can cause all kinds of problems.
@Stux is right, if you have GELI encrypted pools you must convert these before you migrate to CORE 13.0 or 13.3 releases and then to SCALE.
Why? Because changes happen in major releases that impact on the system. GELI encryption is one, and deprecated services is another.
Please read and use this article as a guide for what you need to consider and do before moving from CORE to SCALE release.

As for installing the CORE config file on SCALE, yes you can as part of the migration process but even this can impact access to the UI.

@bella I would love to upgrade to 12 and then 13 but, as I have documented above, it just won’t boot on my system. Apparently I’m the only one with that problem on this planet :roll_eyes:

I don’t mind losing my configuration, that I can make new. Jails/plugin have a separate config dir, it’s ok.

I do mind however having to destroy and recreate my pool. Luckily I have some storage I can borrow, but it’s still a three-days operation to copy, three more to restore and a couple days worth of debugging to make it all work again.

Apparently it’s the only option I have, so I’ll just deal with it.

I’m not able to troubleshoot the boot issue so I won’t give you any specifics there, but if it is not a hardware problem on your system I strongly recommend you open a Jira ticket on this issue. Please provide a system debug on the CORE 11 system. Provide as much information as you can in the Jira ticket.