Full Filesystem Replication To offsite backup server

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I’m trying to create a backup onto a offsite server from my main server at home
i set up a connection between them using Tailscale and they can both talk to each other fine (judging by pinging one from the shell of the other one) so then i set up a replication task from the main one to the offsite one and that worked fine but i noticed it finished realy quick and considering i have 500gb of data to copy the pool still had all the space free on the backup server. so i looked around in the config for the replication task and saw the ‘Full Filesystem Replication’ box and thought this is what i needed but when i try to save the changes with this box ticked it just says ‘[EINVAL] replication_update.periodic_snapshot_tasks.0: Replication tasks that replicate the entire filesystem can only use periodic snapshot tasks that take recursive snapshots of the dataset being replicated (or its ancestor)’

I’m probably just missing something realy simple but i don’t realy know how all this works and i’m kind of just working it out as i go along!

Main Server: Truenas Scale - 2x 1tb HDD in a mirror
Backup Server; Truenas Scale - 1x 1tb HDD

Thank you so much everyone!!

The periodic snapshot task that is selected above needs to have the “recursive” checkbox ticked.

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Amazing!! That works great thanks!!!