Fully Automated Media Server 2023-07-03

This resource was originally made by user: newguy123 on the TrueNAS Community Forums Archive. Please DM this account or comment in this thread to claim it.

recently, i decided to install a lot of apps to automate my media server. many of you have done this in the past and know the pain that is looking on youtube and various other guides to doing full automated suites. this guide was created so no one will have to feel the pain i felt for the past 5 days to get this working.

this guide is updated frequently so changes will not reflect on this page.

to see the guide, click the yellow Download button on the top right. it wont download anything - just redirect you to the wiki.

quick table of contents:

  • Hostpath Config Storage
  • Overview Map
  • Bare Metal TrueNAS Scale
  • Overview
  • Prowlarr
  • qBittorrent
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • Unpackerr
  • Emby
  • Jellyseerr
  • Its all good so far
  • Remote Access
  • AirVPN
  • Cloudflare Tunnels
  • Recyclarr

All Done!

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