'Ganz großes Kino -dark' theme on discourse

I have not yet begun any effort to re-create the theme here but once I am able and much more familiar I do intend to make the theme available here.

Mods: Why isn’t this posted under the International category?

:drum: :smirk:

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I guess I didn’t see the emojis right away, so I began a different reply (erased and re-written here).

I chose the name “just because” back then on the XenForo forums… It will be the ‘progenitor’ for any other themes I make here but as before I start with the dark version. Later I will probably make a distinct ‘progenitor’ theme which would be the common bits of all themes, although I am as yet uncertain how any kind of inheritance might work for themes for discourse.

This reminds me that I have a “word alias” to make for that phrase to make these kinds of posts easier.

That was quick and easy, now “tigersharke‐theme” will become Ganz großes Kino.

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