GhostBSD in TrueNAS CORE VM failing

Has anyone successfully gotten GhostBSD to work in a CORE VM? I’m running into an issue where the XORG failed to auto start, and I can never get to the GUI to install it.

The GhostBSD forums don’t seem to be much help.

If other VMs work, then its probably a 13.0 Bhyve limitation.

In 13.3 there is a major update to Bhyve.
Don’t know how well GhostBSD works on KVM??

Perhaps I’ll try the nightlies then.

Is there any way to update to the nightlies from 13.1, or does one have to manually install them?

As far as I know you have to manually update.

If I apply the update manually, I’m assuming it should go like any other update regarding confit and settings.

I’ll obviously have a backup but…

The only difference is that there is no train in the WebUI update as far as I understand.

Not working on 13.3 either. It’s showing an error that says “Cannot run in framebuffer mode Please specify busIDs”

Maybe I’ll just use a minimal Mint VM. Seems like BSD desktops have not quite reached the level of Windows and Linux.

Ill try to install it on SCALE.

Taking a hint from an archaic answer in the FreeBSD subreddit …

% pkg provides drivers/scfb
Name    : xf86-video-scfb-0.0.7_2
Comment : X.Org syscons display driver
Repo    : FreeBSD-ports
Filename: usr/local/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
% pkg rquery %o xf86-video-scfb

Please try installing x11-drivers/xf86-video-scfb.


At the last substantial edition was more than five years ago. With modernisation, you might find that manual configuration of X.Org is unnecessary.

August 2017: startx fails with “Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs” : freebsd


If the graphics card is not supported by Intel®, AMD® or NVIDIA® drivers, then VESA or SCFB modules should be used. VESA module must be used when booting in BIOS mode and SCFB module must be used when booting in UEFI mode. …

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I did come across those posts. Unfortunately the VM is having trouble getting network access. Other VMs like MidnightBSD do get network access, but for some reason GhostBSD doesn’t. VM config for both is essentially identical.

You know what, when the screen comes up showing x failed to start, I just scrolled down and started with the scfb driver and voila. Thanks for the suggestion @grahamperrin


If anyone is wondering, the fix for not getting an IP is here

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