Go back to Core?


I tried Scale as an experiment, but the overhead of Kube for my little atom was too much.

I know it isn’t supported, but if I go back to a BSD based system (e.g. Core) will the pool be recognised?

I’m happy for a 100% clean restart, but obviously, I’d like to be able to get my pool back :wink:

I guess the main issue is that the ZFS version on the system I switch to should be at least as up to date as the ZFS currently running in Scale? Is that the only issue (given that I’m happy to have a clean system other than the pool).

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I’d suggest looking into Sandboxes/Linux Jailmaker before switching back to Core.

Its basically very similar to Core Jails, and doesn’t have the overhead of k3s


Thanks, I’ll take a look. How do I kill k3s?

Go into Apps -> Settings -> Unset Pool to disable k3s entirely.

And yes, I’d also recommend the Sandboxes method first if you need super light-weight containers.


For completeness, as long as you did not do a zpool upgrade the pools should not have any issues in going back. Correct me if I am wrong, SCALErs.

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I guess I can try it with a live USB.

Correct, pools are compatible between versions as long as you don’t upgrade them past what the previous version can read.

I’m just not a fan of running random scripts.

It’s not really random, though I understand your willingness to come back to CORE.

An option is to try jailmaker as mentioned above.

As for switching back to core. If you have not upgraded the pool under scale then you should be fine.

I use mirrored boot, pulled one SSD off, migrated to scale, data pool imported but took 15 minutes, unhappy, replaced the scale boot SSD with the core mirror and I am back to business.

Is it supported? No. Did it work for me? Yes.