Going from FreeNAS to TrueNAS-Scale

Hello everyone,

I’ve inherited an old storage server running FreeNAS with FreeBSD 11. I would like to install TrueNAS Scale on it. Are there any gotcha’s I should be aware of?


If you are planning on upgrading rather than a fresh setup on the hardware you will need to upgrade to12.0-U8.1 and then 13.0-U6.1 before migrating to SCALE. Before migrating I would advise reading the migration guide, this link contains the migration article links:

If you are doing a fresh install I’d recommend reviewing the HW guide:

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Thanks @ABain ! I think a fresh install would be easier. If I did that, would the UI pick up the ZFS datasets and allow me to reconfigure NFS?


I’d hope so, but can’t guarantee it. Not tested doing that from such an early version. Someone else may have tried this and might be able to confirm.