Google Drive Access Token Expiration

Good day. We have multiple Storage Pools set up for each of our Google Drive Shared Folders and a cloud credential for each one. We set up multiple cloud credentials so that we could sync a specific Shared Folder to a Storage Pool. We found that after a month or so, the access tokens created during the cloud credential process expired. We can go in and use the LOGIN TO PROVIDER to refresh the access token, but we have over a hundred of these and would take a while to go through.

Is there an automated way to get the access tokens to refresh when they expire? I found a few posts about setting up rclone config, but those were several years old by now and referring to FreeNAS. Before I commit to rclone config, I was checking to see if a more up-to-date method has been developed.

Thank you for any help on this!

Hello. It’s been two weeks and we haven’t receive any response. Any idea on how we can solve the issue described above?