Google Drive Sync

Hello, I wanted to know if its possible to have bidirectional sync with google drive. I did a test with syncing google drive to my nasm but I can’t edit or delete files from my folder that’s synced to my google drive. I could push or pull but I want to be able to have both to some extent. I hope my explanation makes sense.

You should be able to select the transfer mode of sync. See bullet 4 in the below:

I think I tried that but still couldn’t delete or edit files from lets say my computer accessing the folder where google drive is synced to. Ill try again.

Wait actually sorry, when I delete a file on google drive it doesn’t delete it from the nas, it wants to keep everything that’s on the nas synced to google drive

Hi Samuel

It is not possible, sorry.

Sync only works one way.
You could setup a second sync the other way round, but then the system would not know which files to keep. So unfortunately a bidirectional sync like you get with downloading the GDrive App is not possible.

btw: even if it were possible, TrueNAS access GDrive over an API, so performance is very, very slow. See this thread: Dropbox Sync time too long

What you could do is setting up a VM that hosts the GDrive App and share data over that VM. One big disadvantage is that you are forced block storage for that VM with all the disadvantages that come with block storage over datasets.

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Ah ok, got it.