GPTID associated to serial number

How can I associate this removed disk to a serial number?



Normally I’d say glabel status linking gptid with da and then smartctl -a /dev/daX however as the disk has been removed it will no longer have an associated da number.

Perhaps if you could explain how we got this far?

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Replaced a disk. New one shows up and old one is gone (at least in disk view).

Look at the HDD itself to find its serial # label.

Or are you perhaps looking for something else?

@Johnny_Fartpants questions are appropriate.

I need to know the SN to find the drive.

Lsblk will list all connected drives. You can get it to include the partids.

EDIT: lsblk is a scale command. But the below is still correct.

If the disk is not connected, then the next approach is elimination.

Ie, every find every other drive… by serial… and the other is the one to remove.



Oh, so it hasn’t been physically removed… -

Sounds like you might have to get the serial #'s of all the active drives and then look for the outlier?

I am clearly under caffeinated and under medicated this morning. I don’t know why I making it complicated.
Going to the disk view showed the bad disk in question with no pool tied to it. So that’s the one. I replaced that one now and all is good.

FYI: I have all the SNs in a spreadsheet with the associated hotswap bay they are in.

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