Graphics Card Recommendation // TrueNAS Scale + MiniX+

Hello, looking for a recommendation on which GPU / Graphics Card to install in my MiniX+. I have not purchased a graphics card by itself before, so still learning the lingo. Apparently my machine has an “open-ended PCIe 3.0 x4 slot” and it’s been reported that the " NVIDIA Quadro P400" has worked for people, but curious on the following:

  • Is there an AMD GPU that someone recommends
  • What’s the most powerful GPU that one can install in one of the MiniX+ (that is still “plug n play” without having to do major modifications)
  • Any other recommendations and insight is recommended.

The goal is to have powerful and dependable GPU. Thanks!

I presume you want this for some purpose other than for the NAS itself? Because the NAS can’t do much of anything with the GPU. So what is the actual objective?

I believe the terminology is transcoding and/or encoding for video. Basically I use Jellyfin for movies/shows and looking to add a GPU to my unit to better handle video’s. I don’t have any big issues running it currently, just want to upgrade and tinker.

OK, that makes some more sense. I’ve understood that GPU transcoding, while it offloads this task from the CPU, also loses some video quality, but I’ll admit I haven’t tried it myself.

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Is the minix a DTX case or an ITX case?

Ie does it have two PCIe slot covers or one?

(Probably the latter?)

If it only has one then you can only get a single width card in.

Does it have enough clearance for a full height card? Probably not.

What about length? Probably not.

If the answer is no to all three then physically you might need a half height, half length, single slot card.

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I’m actually not sure, I have not heard this terminology. How do I find out?

on the PCIe slots, this is what ix systems told me:
“The motherboard on Mini X+ has an open-ended PCIe 3.0 x4 slot and can physically fit a GPU, but we haven’t directly validated any specific models for installation. You’d be limited to a single-slot width card that doesn’t require auxiliary power; some of our community members have used cards like the NVIDIA Quadro P400 or similar to provide hardware-accelerated transcoding for video applications in TrueNAS SCALE.”

Again, still learning all of this. Any recommendations/insight is appreciated!

Do you run Jellyfin/Plex and also use a GPU in your server/NAS?

FWIW, I’ve been looking into getting a GPU to play with for Transcoding and VDi.

The P in P400 refers to Pascal generation.

The intel Arc GPUs seem promising for VDI, as nvidias licensing is crazy.

But for transcoding the P400 is probably a good choice.

There are threads on here and the jailmaker forum on getting jellyfin + nvidia to work in a sandbox.

I run Plex, but don’t use a GPU.


Thanks! Is there an AMD crossover you think that’ll work?

After a quick online search, it looks like Radeon RX 550 might be a good crossover, but not certain yet. Any input on AMD GPU’s for the MiniX+ is appreciated.

Well, have not found much about AMD.

Did find this, which is concerning

I have an RX580 I’m planning on testing later. Later may never arrive.

This, and the P600 are great cards. But If you need lots of streams and maybe 4k transcoding, the Tesla P4 is a better choice, since it offers 2 encoders, for a total of 35 HD transcodes and 7-8 4k transcodes. It will need a custom, 3d-printed cooling solution tho, that you also find on ebay.

I had both working in SCALE for plex ( currently a P600).

Mine are/were in a x16 slot tho…


I really like the T1000 8GB card.


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So I’m guessing since my MiniX+ has a x4 slot I probably can’t fit the Tesla? I’m not sure what the x4 means yet, I have some looking into to familiarize more with GPU’s…

Is there a good site or video that goes into detail or even summary on the differences of different Nvidia GPU’s? i.e. the P400, P4, T1000, etc.