Group permissions are ignored

Hi, I stumbled upon a problem where group permissions seem to be ignored. Let’s consider the following scenario:

  1. User U1, a member of group G, creates a file.
  2. The file is owned by U1 and group G.
  3. Group G has full control set in ACL.
  4. User U2, also a member of group G, tries to remove the file.
  5. User U2 encounters a permission error.

Since both users are members of the same group, which has full control over the file, and the file is owned by that group - shouldn’t U2 be able to remove the file? Right now it seems this does not work for some reason.

Could it be that a higher dataset that your file is in is set to transverse or recursive in it’s ACL?

For example, main_pool > personal > documents > file.txt
The “personal” dataset might have it’s ACL set to transverse or recursive meaning it applies it’s ACL to “documents” and therefore to “file.txt”.

I’m not an expert in this so take my advice with a handful of salt.