Grub issue when installing Scale from previous installed Core

Hi Experts,

my already installed CORE OS drive is failed. So i am trying to install SCALE OS in new drive. But i am getting an error as below

Welcome to grub
Error : unknown file system.
Grub rescue>

It is not the issue with the usb drive and retried with another usb as well. Any advise to sort this issue

Thank u all.

Hi Guys,

I solved this issue when I try to change the option to ‘Write in DD mode’ from previous ‘ISO mode’ using Rufus 4.5.2180.

But after successful new installation of scale, I could not see my previous pools and data set (data) created in previous OS CORE.

Any advise please, how can I restore the old data.

many thanks for your feedback.

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I’d recommend starting a new thread with the specific problem in title.

You should include details of hardware and pool

What versions of SCALE and CoRE are you using.
Anything special like encryption?

Your upgrade process was unusual and should be documented.