GUI not accessable after config restore on new server

I’m trying to migrate my TrueNAS Scale from Proxmox on one server to a new bare metal server. I’m a little behind on upgrades so the Prxomox version is TrueNAS-SCALE-; I’ve installed the same version on the new server and I’m able to access the GUI until I try to restore the config (backup from the Proxmox server).

After the new server reboots from the config restore, TrueNAS Scale GUI will not load in the same browser (“Unable to connect”). I can ping the server and through remote console access the Linux Shell and ping out to the internet but the GUI won’t load.

I’ve gone through this install and restore process a few times (even trying the newest 24.04.0 on the new server) with the same result. I’m not sure what else to try. I’m getting the Proxmox backup config from System Settings > General > Manage Configuration > Download File (I’m not Exporting Password Secret Seed so that’s unchecked). This is just being used as NAS (no VM’s or containers except Jellyfin and webdav).

Also, since I’m behind on versions, I was planning on doing the incremental updates on the new server before moving the drives over. Is this a bad idea? I don’t want to risk updating and having the working Proxmox server go through similar issues.

For reference, I’ve followed:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


hmm, it seems the config restore disabled https. GUI loads with http