Guidance in replacing drives with larger capacity while maintaining data

Good morning,

After a bunch of searching with some posts shedding some helpful insight they, however, did not completely solve my needs therefore I opted to post my specific conundrum.

I have a server with 4 bays summarised as follows:
1x 80gb Boot pool drive,
2x 1Tb forming the Data pool and
1x Empty bay

I currently have the 2x 1TB serving my data storage - I believe mirrored as on 1TB is usable. I purchased 2 more 3TB drives which I wish to use for the data pool and shares. The issue I am having is I essentially wish to replace the 1TB data pool with the 3TB drives and migrate the data across without loss.
The 2x 1TB drives are currently serving 3 shares which need to be preserved after the upgrade.

The part I am struggling to wrap my head around -mostly being completely new to Truenas, is I wish to migrate the stored data currently on the 1TB drives to the 3TB’s but also have the 3TB drives in RAID/mirrored.

I have poked around in the Pools settings but nothing seems to point me in the right direction on the interface to achieve what I am aiming for.

Any assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

This is simple, just replace the drives one at a time with the larger ones. Docs on replacing a drive are here:

But you don’t have to offline the old disk first; keeping it online keeps your pool’s redundancy.

So the way you’d go about this would be:

  • Install the first 3 TB disk
  • In the GUI, replace the first 1 TB disk with the first 3 TB disk.
  • Once resilvering completes, power down (if needed), remove the first 1 TB disk, install the second 3 TB disk, and power back up
  • In the GUI, replace the second 1 TB disk with the second 3 TB disk.
  • Once resilvering completes, power down (if needed), remove the second 1 TB disk, power up.
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