Guide: Jellyfin Autodiscovery / Custom App Icon

I’m a little nick picky, and maybe you are too, but I wanted autodiscovery to be setup for Jellyfin on my LAN and a mild amount of research showed it was not possible with this Truenas or the Trucharts repository version of the app. I wanted to share that If you installed the Jellyfin app directly as a custom app, this will work.

Custom App setup is simple

  1. Discover apps - > Custom App


  1. Name application, and give it the jellyfin repository

  1. Give it your interface ID, and assign it a static IP address.

  1. Assign the config folder, and the cache folder locations. Mount path naming is important (I think)

  1. Mount your media

  1. Enable “Use node IP for portal IP/Domain”, give it access to a GPU (optional), and enable the web port

  1. Update your app icon, because the default icon is annoying.

Open SSH to Truenas. (update bold folders to your pool and app name below)

cd /mnt/POOLNAME/ix-applications/releases/jellyfin1/charts/2403.0.0/
sudo nano Chart.yaml

Update the link to the icon:

  1. Restart so that it updates the icon (you may need to refresh the app page)


I love the part at the end to update the icon. Thanks!


Thanks for how to adjust the icon. It would be a nice feature to allow custom icons for custom apps in the UI.

Can icon: point to a local mount as well? I attempted to use /mnt/tank/data/logos/logo.svg and it ended up using the generic TrueNAS SCALE logo.

It probably could if you installed a web server for your icons :wink:

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Yeah, that makes sense. I was hoping I could just pass through the host path to the logos so it could read it from the chart since the chart is on the host machine.

I must admit, I’m still learning k3s/k8s… So there is that.

I have been looking for a long time for this :point_up_2:. I’m slowly migrating to custom apps for everything on my server and the icons was the only thing i missed. I know it doesn’t make a difference on how the server performs but it looks nicer with the actual icons.

Thank you sir.