Hardware inspecter similar to lshw or CPU-Z/X or anything

I forgot what hardware my TrueNAS SCALE server is using.
In particular, I want to know what make and model of CPU it is using.
As well as the make and model of the motherboard.

I looked around in the GUI of TrueNAS Scale and could not find it
I searched the forums here and could not find it.
I looked around the “discover apps” in truenas scale and could not find any app to install that has CPU in the name
I entered the CLI and tried executing common linux commands that would give me the info. but none of them work.

[servername]> lshw
Namespace lshw not found
[servername]> hwinfo
Namespace hwinfo not found
[servername]> dmidecode
Namespace dmidecode not found
[servername]> lscpu
Namespace lscpu not found

What can I do to try to get this information?

That looks like you’re using the TrueNAS CLI, rather than a Linux shell.

I executed those commands via a shell which I got to via the webGUI

  1. open browser to servername.local
  2. log in.
  3. click on system settings>shell

if this got me to the wrong shell, how do i get to the correct shell? do i need to ssh to it?

If you have SSH setup, that’s more convenient, of course. But you can break out of the limited CLI, the docs should have some details.

Thank you. using SSH worked.

Can you share how you did it?

  1. I installed putty from software manager.
  2. I opened putty and inputted my server’s local ip address and hit connect
  3. it connected and prompted me for a username and then password.
  4. i executed the common linux commands I listed in my first post. IIRC I specifically used hwinfo to find out what my CPU was.

for some odd reason if you go try to enter the shell via the web interface it will send you to some weird command line that has no access to anything.