HBA not passing through drives

I have added a
eHBA 9600-24i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter
connected to a
ToughArmor MB516SP-B
i can see the drive in the BIOS but they do not show up in TrueNas SCALe “TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2”
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why would you do that? Money burning a hole in your pocket?

The SAS 9600 is unproven, completely reworked on an entirely different software stack, is monstrously expensive, and provides basically zero benefits over the SAS3 cards.

Get rid of it and buy a SAS 9300, 9400 or 9500.

It was the cheaper than an “HBA 9500-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter” (was $220) and also save me a PCIe slot as I am planning on using more then 16 drives.

Is there any way to get it to work, as the BOIS shows the HBA card and that drives are attached to it, so it seems like I am not that far off.

It’s not actually cheaper if it doesn’t, you know, work.

As for a fix, you can hope that the updated driver in Dragonfish works better. Or that updated firmware solves the issue.

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you are correct, in that if it does not work it does not work.

before I try again is the “Broadcom HBA 9500-16i Tri-Mode Storage Adapter” supported currently.

with nothing to lose I upgraded to TrueNAS-SCALE-24.04.0 and everything populated, found old pools to.

This did create an odd problem but is much more manageable, my monitor connected to the NAS is no longer displaying, TrueNAS is a web based after all.

Thanks for your help.

Works fine, but I’d only buy it specifically if tricky cables are already in place that use the same connector. Otherwise, the 9300 or 9400 work just as well.

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