HDDs not spin down on fresh installation

Hi guys,

I have the following setup with a complete fresh installation (from scratch):

  1. Installed Proxmox as host OS
  2. Created TrueNAS as VM (based on ISO of TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1) with two 2 TB HDDs (directly connected to the SATA ports on the mainboard) as a physical passthrough via qm set [VM_ID] -scsi[1 and 2] /dev/disk/by-id/[1 and 2] with the following HDD-IDs:

Afterwards I added a new RAID1 Pool under Storage : Pools:

I configured both disks like this (HDD Standby 5 Min, Force HDD Standby):

The 5 Min is only for testing purposes and will be expanded when everything is working properly.

Further I moved the System Dataset in System : System Dataset from the generated raid1-2tb pool to the boot-pool (following this post):

My goal is:
Using the RAID1 as NFS in other Proxmox-VMs to rsync data to it as backup.
By now the HDDs don’t spin down (at least according to my power consumption monitor). Since they’re gonna run only for a few minutes to hours a day, I’d like to put them to standby in order to reduce power consumption.

What am I doing wrong and how can I achieve my goal?

Many thanks in advance!

I think this is a common issues and, personally, I did not found a solution to this…

here is my topic: Again, constant disk activity from Python on fresh install...disks never spin down - #5 by Davvo