Help backup - Version: TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1

Can I ask for help?
I created the pool (NAS_1) with 2 SSD, so far so good!
now, for this pool (NAS_1) that I created, I would like to connect a third SSD to it which acts as a backup to the pool (NAS_1).
it’s possible to do it ?
If it can be done, how do you synchronize it with the pool (NAS_1)?

Thank you

Can you be more specific with your pol layout?
What does 2 SSD mean. Mirror or stripe?

I think you can simply set a scheduled replication task, he will take automatic snapshot and replicate the source pool NAS_1 in the destination pool that you will create. Dont forget to set the recursive flag and remove the read only property from dataset, and in case of need all of your data will be accessible

my pool (NAS_1) is made up of two Solid-State Drives (ssds), mirrored.

I want to create a Backup for my pool (NAS_1).
it’s possible to do it ?
If so, can I have the steps to follow?
Thank you.

so is it possible to do it?
do you have a tutorial on how to do this, I’m new to truenas.
Thank you

This is for a slightly older version of TN Scale but the process is the same, only in your case if you’re backing up the whole pool you’ll want to select your root dataset tank and move it to your backup pool’s root dataset tank_backup

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Thanks so much