Help: can't add a bridge

Hi there,

I have some trouble adding a bridge interface to my TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish-
I currently have 2 network interfaces with static IP:

ens192 -
ens256 -

I want to add ens192 to a bridge.
I followed the documentation:

  1. VM’s off, Apps unset pool
  2. remove static IP entry from ens192 and save
  3. add bridge, add ens192 to the bridge, add the static IP entry to the bridge, save
  4. Test changes

GUI can no longer be accessed, 60 seconds later it reverts back to original settings.
Bit of a loss as this should work based on the documentation and various videos on the topic.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks !

Found the solution…
I’m running TrueNAS on a ESXi Server. The security features of the virtual switch block network access when bride is enabled.

Allowing both Promiscuous Mode Operation and Forged Transmits solved the issue


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